Central Saint Martins BA Graphic Design Degree Show 2017  
About the Show

Kaori Toh, Ben Hutchings, Oliver O'Callaghan
Clara Koh, Ruby Boddington, Kaori Toh
Meet the Obscure Relative(s)
Teasing out the not-so-obvious connections between the disparate media, methods and approaches to graphic communication design shown here is the theme of 2017: Obscure Relative(s). This is a topic that extends beyond the walls of CSM to the professional practice, where the purposes and boundaries of graphic design as it used to be known are shifting, sometimes beyond recognition.That graphic design could become film-making, social design and dancing is a possibility expressed in our organisational categories: variations on the theme “Who we are today may not be who we are tomorrow”.

At CSM we think innovation, invention and beauty arrive out of play, form-making, material exploration and improvisation as much as they emerge from conceptual thinking and library research. The poet Stéphane Mallarmé was supposed to have said to the painter Edgar Degas, “poems are not made with ideas, they are made with words.” We might add that graphic design is not just made with ideas but with situations and materials.

Dr Peter Hall, Course Leader